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Dallas Downtown Association

Revitalizing the Heart of Our Community

The mission of the Dallas Downtown Association is to encourage and inspire the arts, restoration, economic vitality and community spirit in the historic downtown district of Dallas Oregon.

The Dallas Downtown Association (DDA) invites you to reflect on the importance of a vital, healthy downtown district. Our downtown is the heart of our community and what an honor it is to engage and be part of revitalizing downtown Dallas. 

As the traditional symbol of our community, the downtown district not only expresses our history but also speaks to our potential. As the central core of Dallas, our downtown should welcome and nurture retail businesses and help reinvest revenue from those businesses back into our community.

Increasing the availability of goods and services downtown will in turn attract visitors and increase foot traffic,  giving citizens and visitors a shared place to congregate. The creation and retention of new jobs in downtown Dallas will reflect positively on our community’s image and give a boost to the property values around our area. 

Current DDA Members

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City of Dallas



Kindred Heart Dog Training

Main St. Emporium

Main Street Emporium


Polk Community Development Corporation


Meet The Team

Marlene Cox, President

Board of Director

Mark Brehm,

Vice President 

Board of Director

Eddie Nelson, Treasurer

Board of Director

Melanie Fisher, Executive Director

Rachel Phelps, Board of Director

Lisa Marshall, Board of Director

Monica Johnson, Board of Director

Rich Wolcott, 

Board of Director

Heading 1

Brian Latta, Exo-Officio

Brian Dalton, Exo-Officio