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Revitalizing the Heart of Our Community

Stepping Forward in Transforming Dallas
The mission of the Dallas Downtown Association is to encourage and inspire the arts, restoration, economic vitality and community spirit in the historic downtown district of Dallas, Oregon.

The Dallas Downtown Association (DDA) invites you to reflect on the importance of a vital, healthy downtown district. Our downtown is the heart of our community and what an honor it is to engage and be part of revitalizing downtown Dallas. 

As the traditional symbol of our community, the downtown district not only expresses our history but also speaks to our potential. As the cultural center of Dallas, our downtown welcomes and nurtures shops and retail businesses of all varieties, bringing economic and social prosperity to our urban core. 

In sum, the DDA strives to create an exciting, colorful, rewarding and attractive downtown experience in and around the historic Courthouse Square that offers an alluring classic small-town experience in this modern, stressful age. Welcome home to Dallas.


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The Dallas Downtown Association has as its passion a reinvigorated historic downtown that is inviting, vibrant and prosperous. 

We embrace both preservation and new growth, always building and improving our flair for the arts, entertainment, and food - both interesting and fine - all in the context of a sparkling sense of our history.

Our membership is involved, creative, dynamic, and tireless in fostering the spirit and momentum of our work, ever welcoming of new talent, energies, and ideas.

On the way to our dreams, we embrace enterprise and investment as the pathway to realizing our vision, actively engaging our downtown business and building owners, residents, investors, and dreamers with our fellow helping organizations to welcome a future of pride and prosperity.

Many who visit Dallas say we have enormous potential. It is our job, ambition, vision, and passion to grasp this potential and make it real. We will not rest on our laurels or accept mediocrity in striving to be one of the best small towns in Oregon, if not America.

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