The DDA routinely works with grant providers to secure funding for downtown businesses and common spaces. Below is a list of the grants awards to the DDA since 2019! If you are a DDA member in need of a grant for your business, reach out to us using the form at the bottom of this page. 

Grant Projects Awarded to DDA:

  • 2019 Diamond in the Rough grant - Awarded $20,000 on behalf of Corby's Public House restoration.
  • 2019 Oregon Main Street Revitalization grant - Awarded $200,000 on behalf of Seismic Upgrade Hostel
  • 2020 Historical Preservation Theater Grant - Awarded $55,000 on behalf of Dallas Cinema
  • Oregon Arts Commission Grant - Awarded $5,100 for the Dallas Train Mural
  • Travel Oregon Grant - Awarded $6,000 - on behalf of the DDA for Dallas Bike Racks and repair station.


Dallas Arts Association, City of Dallas, and the Dallas Downtown Association with collaboration completed the Wings Mural project. Painted Wings were spread throughout Dallas.

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