Our Vision

Our vision for downtown Dallas is to create a vibrant, diverse, and welcoming destination that embraces both its historic charm and its potential for the future. Our downtown will be a place where residents and visitors alike can enjoy a wide array of experiences, from shopping at unique boutiques to dining at innovative restaurants. Through strategic partnerships and creative initiatives, we will build a downtown that inspires and delights, driving economic growth and enriching the lives of all who visit.

To achieve the community’s vision for downtown, we will focus on several key priorities:

  • Preserve historic buildings but also balance with a forward-looking approach that embraces innovation and modernization

  • Engage in placemaking activities that will enhance downtown’s small-town appeal and invite people to explore all the district has to offer.

  • Attract businesses that can serve as anchors for our downtown, especially looking at emerging industries and tapping into evolving market trends.

  • Invigorate downtown Dallas by developing unique events and attractions that appeal to both residents and tourists.

  • Foster a sense of community pride and collaboration to overcome challenges and create a downtown that reflects the values and aspirations of its residents

The Approach

The DDA utilizes the principles of the Main Street Approach formulated by the National Main Street Center (Main Street America). The DDA is a proud affiliate member of Main Street America, as well as the Oregon Main Street Network, the official statewide organization. This approach is summarized in the “Four Points.” Each of these points guide the organization and serve as the template for our four committees who share their names: 

  • Economic Vitality - Support existing businesses and fill downtown buildings with locally owned businesses.

  • Design - Shape the physical appearance and ambiance of downtown with special emphasis on historic preservation, building restoration/improvements, pedestrian friendly environments, beautification, artfulness, and a positive image that is appealing to residents, businesses, investors, and visitors alike.

  • Organization (Outreach) - Provide the framework for the operations, successful management, and sustainability of the DDA which includes attracting the people and financial resources needed to enhance downtown.

  • Promotion - Plan and conduct DDA sponsored events in the downtown area to highlight the downtown business district, our community, and the DDA brand.

The DDA has partnered with property owners, the City, and the Urban Renewal District to revitalize our downtown to include locally painted murals, restorations of historic buildings and signage.

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