Coming Soon To Downtown Dallas - AZULS Taco House - & a little story I learned.......

I was walking the streets of Dallas this week to get a picture for this blog announcing a new business opening soon. As I walked up to take some pictures I came across two men sitting at a table in front on this vacant building (future home of Azuls' Taco House). These two gentleman called themselves the Howard Brothers, Tim and Gary. They said they had recently met the new owners and were thrilled that Azuls' would be serving coffee.

Further into conversation, Tim and Gary explained that they have been siting there at that very table, about everyday for over 18 years! They said when the building is empty they bring their own coffee from home.

So even when this building was sitting, what we would "think" would be alone, these two gentleman would visit there about daily and enjoy the shade, fresh air and most of all "Their Coffee".

I JUST LOVE DALLAS: This is what the "Home Town feeling" of Dallas is all about. So I would like to announce that the Howard brothers may just be the local folks you want to meet.