Membership Application

If you have questions about the membership application or would like to request a paper application, please email [email protected]

6 Month Trial Membership - Businesses that are new members of the DDA (businesses that have opened within the past 12 months and have never been members) are entitled to a 6 month trial membership with the DDA. This trial period entitles all new members to the same benefits as membership for 6 months. The only membership benefit not available to trial members is voting benefits. Additionally, trial members are encouraged to sit down with a board member during these 6 months and discuss how the DDA can help their businesses. If a member does not wish to continue their membership after 6 months, there is no obligation to join the DDA. 

DDA Membership Application

Please see the fee schedule below to determine the current dues. If you are signing up for a free trial membership, please email [email protected] to complete your application