Volunteering for the Design Committee

The Mission of the Design Committee is to shape the physical appearance and ambiance of downtown with special emphasis on historic preservation, pedestrian-friendly environments, beautification, artfulness, and a positive image that is appealing to residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

  • Provides good design education & advice
  • Helps plan Urban Renewal District development
  • Links business owners to available incentives & targeting key projects
  • Acts as the steward of public spaces within the District.
  • Facilitates the rehabilitation of existing private buildings & of new buildings
  • Enhances the walkability¬†and ambiance of the district District
  • Acts as the primary point of contact for the DDA for downtown beautification, building restoration and improvements, streetscape, parking and signage plus other physical enhancements or improvements as they develop


To realize success in these noble pursuits we need many dedicated volunteers to staff (or even Chair) our Subcommittees. If you would like to help (please!), here are the opportunities:

  • Arts Master Plan Subcommittee
  • Property Improvement Subcommittee
  • Historic Preservation Subcommittee
  • 17 Downtown Lights Subcommittee
  • Downtown Neat and Clean Subcommittee
  • Empty Building Subcommittee

If you are interested in serving your community with this kind of work, please contact the DDA @ [email protected]¬†

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