Annual Meetings. The annual meeting of the DDA membership shall be at the November general meeting, whether in person or by remote communication, or such February 2, 2021 other time as the board of directors may direct. The purpose of the annual meeting shall be to elect and announce the board of directors of the DDA for the following year, per Article V, Part D of these bylaws, and such other business as the board of directors may bring before the membership. A vote for new directors must take place by December 31st. C. Notice. Notice of the annual meeting shall be provided to all members no fewer than thirty (30) days before the meeting. Notice of all special meetings shall be provided to members no fewer than seven (7) days before the meeting, as per O.R.S. 65.214. Remote communication of the meeting can include, but not be limited to, email, phone, and text. Notice of a membership meeting at which the board authorizes participation by remote communication shall describe how a member may notify the corporation that the member intends to participate in the membership meeting by remote communication. D. Quorum. Twenty (20) members in good standing present at a meeting, either in person or by remote communication, shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of voting for the election of directors. Until a quorum is present, either in person or by remote communication, and an election is successfully held, officers and directors shall continue to serve in their capacities. For the purposes of this section, a member in good standing is one whose membership dues are not delinquent. E. Voting by Business or Organization Members. A business or organization member, or an individual member of the DDA shall be entitled to one (1) vote on all matters calling for a vote of the members.
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